"Tambours Have" (the garden of Tambour) is the result of Tambours love of natur, his desire to collect plants from all corners of the world and to see them grow and flourish in his own garden. The Danish climate has naturally not permitted the replanting of tropical jungel plants. However, there are large numbers of plants from warme climates which have become firmly rooted and flourish in accordance with English, German, Asian and Nordic gardening traditions.

Master tailor Tambour started what was to become his life´s work in the 1940´s. He worked with his beloved plants for almost 40 years until the municipality of Helle took over the mailtenance of the park which has now extended to cover an area of 30.000m2. The park is now owend by he municipality of Varde.

There is a touch of dignity in this parkland.. This is obvious as soon as one passes through the entrance gate. The careful maintenance of the garten together with peace and quiet natural surroundings are the essence of  "Tambours Have".

Should you be searching for new ideas for your own garden or simply wich to have a peaceful day in beautiful surroundings, then we can recommend a visit to Tambours Garden.

Tambour´s Garden is only half-an-hour´s drive from the North Sea beaches and numerous other tourist attractions in Southern Jutland.